FAQs & Shipping Info

How long will it take to receive my order?

Orders are shipped within 14 business days of being placed. In the event of any delays, I'm always sure to keep in touch with a customer to let them know the status of their package.

Please note, artwork is being sent from Canada, and due to the high volume of packages currently being sent as a result of the Covid-19 situation, some shipping delays are to be expected. I appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Do I get a tracking number?

When checking out, you will have the choice to select between two shipping options. One contains a tracking number, and the other does not. 

If you select tracking, a number will be supplied to you when the order is dispatched. Otherwise, your item will be mailed via Canada Post regular mail.

Note - international orders (that is, orders outside of Canada and the United States) do NOT need to purchase tracking. Your orders automatically include this.

How are my art prints being shipped?

Art prints are first placed in an acid-free plastic sleeve, and are then mailed in a flat, protective cardboard photo mailer to avoid the chance of them being bent or folded. They are sent via regular mail through Canada Post, to further lower the cost of shipping.

Why was I was charged Customs/Import fees?

Please note - my shop is based in Canada, and when shipping items internationally, occasionally the buyer will find they are being charged an additional "Customs or Import Fee". This is not always the case, and unfortunately I do not have control over the fees imposed by your particular country or place of residence, and as such, am not responsible for reimbursing any additional fees that may be incurred.

What is your return policy?

Although it rarely happens, if an item were to arrive damaged you would be entitled to a replacement print. I would just ask to see a photograph of the condition that the prints arrived in, and then a replacement package would be mailed out within the standard 1-2 week dispatch time.

If your artwork becomes lost in the mail for any reason, these claims cannot be filed until 60 days after the item has been marked "shipped". Occasionally artwork can be delayed in customs when travelling from Canada to the US (though this does not happen regularly). If the package has still not arrived after 60 days, a replacement package will be mailed out within the standard 1-2 week dispatch time.